Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Bit of the Far East in Tirana

I had an awesome lunch today with Izabella-- Hot & Sour Soup-- California Maki-- Singapore Noodles-- All very yummy! We ate at one of our favourite restaurants in Tirana - Far East. We were basically alone and were attentively waited on. They have a awesome (and huge) aquarium which always fascinates me.

Only one thing could be improved-- they still need to bump up the spice a bit. Albanians seem to have a hard time with anything even a bit 'hot', and I've noticed that their worst fear is having to eat something called "Sweet & Sour". They have a repulsion to anything sweet combined with meat, which we just love. And the wasabi was rather tame... oh well.... at least we have sushi in Tirana! That's quite amazing in itself!


CanadianSwiss said...

That sounds lovely! I'm also one to love spicy food, so I'd probably also try to convince them :)

Unknown said...

hey there :-) ! Sounds very nice your lunch. Where is it exactly the "Far East". Don't know it!

Btw, if you'd be interested in the latest TV program receivable in Albania, check out :-) .

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Miss Kim said...

One day we'll do lunch CanSwiss!

Programitv... I will check it out! Thanks for the info. Far East is on the street where the Dutch Embassy is, before Villa Ambassador.

GMG said...

Hi Kim! TGIF!! ;)
Sushi in Tirana? Looks great... Next time... ;))
Blogtrotter, still posting on Delhi! Enjoy and have a great weekend!

PS: Programitv looks like spam, doesn't it...

swenglishexpat said...

At least the aquarium is impressive, and therapeutic!

Unknown said...

ok, I know now where it is. Indeed a quite a nice place :-) .

@GMG: provides you with the up-to-date albanian television program, that's it ;-) no more, no less.
Quite a useful service for most people living in Albania :-) .

Have a nice weekend,

Miss Kim said...

programitv... I checked out your website and I do think it's useful. I told some foreigners about it already too. But thre is one thing that would be FANTASTIC--- if the movie titles could be given in ENGLISH!!!! Please, oh please :)

John D.C. Masters said...

Thanks for more-than-dining tips. I hope to be in Tirana this spring, if I can swing the time. Far East sounds like a place to eat. How about a clean and inexpensive place to stay and local; cuisine?


Unknown said...

hey, thanks for the nice feedback. We are currently checking, if we could translate the titles into English, but I guess that will be rather difficult to do ...

Btw, do you speak albanian?

This one might be useful, I guess, you already know it?

albanian <-> english dictionary:


GMG said...

Hi Kim! OK. As the profile didn't work, I had my doubts; but since you're comfortable with it, OK!!
Long time no see you at Blogtrotter! New Delhi waits your comments… ;)
Have a great week!