Saturday, June 21, 2008

Catch Up

Have you missed me? Oh please say yes :) Some of you have found me over on my literary blog, some of you have emailed me, some of you have even phoned and complained about the lack of posts. I'm sorry, I really am! I made a pledge to read a LOT of books this year and the only way to do it is to spend more time away from my computer. So I've been reading and reading and have just past the 50 book mark for this year so far! I'm impressed if I do say so myself. Can I make 100 by the end of December? I'm trying my best. You can see what I've read so far over on My Literary Travels.

But I've also been doing a bit of real traveling of course. We just returned from a week in Montenegro which was just amazing. We stayed in a beautiful boutique hotel right on the Bay of Kotor, which is just north of Budva. It is incredibly lovely. The mountains just dive straight into the sea which is almost always smooth and clear. We lazed around the pool a lot, drove up to Dubrovnik again, spent half a day on a splendid sail boat, swam in the middle of "the most beautiful bay in the world" (according to UNESCO), and ate fresh, natural food at every meal. Refreshed? Oh yes. We were to come home yesterday but I begged the Big P to stay one more night and he quickly agreed with my plan.

So now we're home again and I'm doing laundry which has to be packed back into my suitcase in an hour or two. I have a flight at 5 AM to Toronto via Vienna, and then I'll be flying on to Halifax on Monday afternoon. It seems like only yesterday I was spending time with my mom and dad (it was just 3 months ago!) and I can't wait to be with them again. This year I've been spoiled with so much time in Canada and with both my kids visiting us. Josh has been here two weeks and we'll fly together tomorrow. Hopefully later tomorrow we can run into an electronics superstore in Toronto and purchase my new laptop and a new Slingbox. Then I'll be all set once again and ready to blog all about it.

See you soon and have a wonderful Summer!


oreneta said...

It would be cool if we could meet up for coffee on your way out of Canada through TO....I'm here now...

Unknown said...

Hi Kim,

50 books is incredible. I have 3 or 4 so it's quite embarrassing in comparison. I am glad you are enjoying the summer and I do miss your stories.

Also, have a safe trip back home, and hope you enjoy every moment of it.

Regards to P!

Ginnie said...

You're getting as bad as us, Kim! But we love the travel and feel so thankful for any and all of it we can do, for work or pleasure. Enjoy your trip back to Canada, as I know you will! I agree--50 books is incredible, let alone 100!

CanadianSwiss said...

Wow! 50 Books? I'm happy if I can finish 2 a year! LOL!

Good to have you back.... I've been wondering what you'd been up to. Have a wonderful time in Canada :)

Christina | said...

50 books is awesome! I used to be able to read a lot, but since the little guy came along, I can maybe read a couple of pages a night, if that.

christina said...

Enjoy your 'holiday" - hope you had a safe trip over.

Wow, 50 books! I think my total for this year is about 3 1/2. Can't seem to sit still long enough to get through anything these days.

Anonymous said...

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GMG said...

Hi Kim! I’m back to blogosphere after another busy (and annoying) week… Nothing to compare with a fabulous week in Kotor, by the pool with lots of good books around... ;))
Hope you have a great trip to Canada, enjoy your vacation and get a great new laptop!!!
Meanwhile Blogtrotter is still strolling in the streets of Santiago de Compostela… Enjoy!