Saturday, June 28, 2008

Excuses... I have a Few...

What can I say? Oh I could make a list of excuses as long as my arm I suppose. Yes, I could. A 2 week visit of my adorable son, a week in paradise (AKA Montenegro), a few days in Toronto where I stayed for the very first time in my son's brand new condo, a delightful dinner with both of my babies (oh how I miss having them near me), and already a week has gone by here in Nova Scotia with my parents. Time does fly, especially when you're having fun.

The view from our hotel room in Kotor, Montenegro

I bought my new laptop, an HP, on the recommendation of my son Josh, and I am already in love with it. It's mighty fast and has loads of memory and some terrific gadgets- the Big P doesn't call me Gadget Girl for nothing! It has a built in webcam and even has a tiny remote control! Now I just have to figure out how to use my old iPod with this new computer without losing everything that's on the iPod. Any hints??

Swimming in the Bay of Kotor, Adriatic Sea

Not much to report on here... I wake up when I want to (what's new eh?), drink my Dad's coffee (the bestest!), slowly get ready for the day, decide what to make for dinner, and read LOTS and LOTS of books! Can life get any better? I think not.

Montenegro might be paradise, but this is heaven!


One Crabapple said...

Heaven is RIGHT !

Your photos are gorgeous and your laptop sounds pretty great too !

Things are GOOD FOR YOU !


Kim Carney said...

it looks like heaven!

Ginnie said...

YAY for your new laptop and YAY for Montenegro and YAY for being with your kids and YAY for being home in Nova Scotia. I know this all is heaven for you. I've been having a lot of those days lately myself!!

CanadianSwiss said...

I love my HP, too, and I think if I ever had to get a new laptop, it would be an HP again :)

Glad you're having such a wonderful time. Keep it up! BTW, since I can't be in Canada, I'll be having part of Canada (my best friend) visiting me by the end of the week.

ITS said...

Hi Kim,

Good to hear from you. All your travels sound wonderful. We went up to Edmonton on business last week, so nothing too exciting going on. We did get a visit the biggest mall in the world or something... :D

Here is the software you need to transfer the files from your old iPod to the new computer. You can download the shareware version which is good for 30 days. Plenty of time to transfer everything.


ITS said...

Oops... here is the link!

Lynda said...

Goodness me.. fancy letting life get in the way of entertaining us! LOL - love the pics.