Thursday, June 12, 2008

Farewell to my Presario...

Guess what happens when you neglect your blog for several weeks?

Your laptop gives up the ghost!!

Yes that's just what happened to mine two days ago. Oh it is sad... very sad.

The Doctor says it would cost as much to repair it as it would to buy a new one. *Sigh*

Is not not strangely serendipitous that I decided just last week to go to Canada at the end of next week (yes again!)? I prefer to buy it in Canada- better prices- better choice etc- and the timing couldn't have worked out any better.

As for my baby, the good part is that it's mainly the monitor which is blown and all my info can be saved! It boots up and I can use a second monitor for the time being- a little inconvenient, but not too bad. The Doctor did send it back to me this morning with one problem- I can't get it to connect to the internet either wireless or with a cable. Pooooh! So for now I'm borrowing The Big P's really old laptop (which he still happily uses). It has this weird personality however and you have to keep watching what you're typing because your words will suddenly be 6 rows above where you were typing! Very bizarre, but not too bad considering this is the laptop which had a full glass of water spilled on it when it was 6 months old.

Any advice on new laptops would be greatly appreciated!


Beth said...

Macs are great (I love mine) but if you're used to a PC you tend to stay with them.
Happy computer shopping!

CanadianSwiss said...

I agree that Mac is really great, but it's expensive in Europe compared to a normal PC, especially if you have to wait to go back to North America to get "extras". It's still quite expensive here in Europe. If you do choose for a PC, then I'd suggest to try a HP. They're a bit more expensive than a Dell or Samsung, but the keyboard is really comfortable to work with and the quality of the screen is excellent.

Have fun shopping!

Ginnie said...

I kinda know what you're going through, Kim, because Donica just bought me a new laptop only because it has much more memory and storage for my photos. The old one will go to Amy, which will be pure gift for her. I guess we all grow up, including laptops, especially in this technological age! Have fun picking out your new toy! :)

varske said...

Get a Mac. My kids both have one and I feel really like an old-timer even with my 2 year old Sony.
Still I did have a Mac before they were born. :)

GMG said...

Hi Kim! Back home and profiting from the Lisbon’s Day holiday (St. Anthony of Lisbon, not Padua), I’m trying to catch up your posts (What a nice week: June 10th, Portugal’s Day; June 13th, Lisbon’s Day… ;)).
No Mac, no problem... What a great motto!! ;) Sorry, no good advisor!
Will check your other blog!
Thanks also for your comments at Blogtrotter, which is now landed in Santiago de Compostela, Spain! Hope you enjoy, and have a nice weekend!

Rositta said...

All my computers are pc but if my laptop died I'd get a mac, that new little skinny cute one...ciao

Beatriz Macias said...

Mac is the way to go... I traded last December, and I couldn't be happier. They also have excellent tech support in Europe, not like the stores full of geniuses, but very good (at least in Italy). I don't know if you read my post about electronic waste, but I am sending the link just in case you didn't:

Diane Mandy said...

A Macbook! You won't regret it@

swenglishexpat said...

Hi Kim - I do feel for you. It is so frustrating sometimes with techie problems like that. The fear of having lost all your data I know all too well. Must have been quite a relief for you to discover it was still accessible. Good luck with getting another one!