Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sign of the Times?

Walking past the "House of Culture" I spotted this bit of graffiti written just in front of the doors of the Theater of Opera and Ballet. I am curious about who painted it there and if the spelling was intentional or not- probably not. I can't help but be amused with it- is it about Hell or Help? Or is it a clever combination of words signifying a much more serious situation?

Regarding the Theater itself, the tickets are about 2oo Lek (Less than 2 USD!), with some fairly decent performances, so I've been told.


ITS said...

Yes, go to any Opera show you can. You will get the most entertainment for the buck than anywhere else in the world. It might not be Broadway, but it's definitely worth it.

Anonymous said...

In Albanian there's a difference in pronounciation between an "L" and an "LL." The English pronounciation of the "L" in "help" is closer to the Albanian "LL." The painter simply "Albanianized" the spelling :)