Saturday, August 06, 2005

Surrounding Views

Here are three shots from the terrace.

The first one on the left shows you how close Peter's office is to our apartment. That's our canopy and his office is located in the large building about a block away.

The middle shot is looking towards Mount Dajti. The green area in the foreground is a pretty little park with a fountain and palm trees which I can see from the window above the sink in my kitchen. I love the idea of seeing palm trees! There are several cafes around the park and we often go there for a pizza.

Finally the last shot is towards the main square and shows the National Bank- the red brick building on the right. In the distance you can see the yellow/gold Albanian Parliament buildings built in the "Italianate Style' in 1924.

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ITS said...

Wow, you live 2 minutes walking distance from Scanderbeg square. That's like the center of the universe. (in my head at least...)