Saturday, August 06, 2005

Night View 2

Here's a view from our terrace shot using the 'nightview' option on my camera. The large building on the left is the Tirana International Hotel and possibly the tallest builing in the city. We love the building with all the lights around it- they're bkue and it's quite pretty at night. That building is the National Historical Museum. You can also see Mount Dajti, 25 kms. to the east of Tirana. It is 1,610 meters high, definitely not the highest mountain in Albania but still imposing none the less.They just opened a new funicular railway which can take you to the top!

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ITS said...

Actually there is a building on the "Blloku" neighborhood which is still in contstruction stage and has 22 floors.

Tirana International is also known as "pesmetkaci" meaning the 15 story building or the only communist "skyscraper". I find it rather sad these days. A token of a failed era.