Saturday, August 06, 2005

Our Aquarium

We finally had our aquarium set up after keeping it in a crate for over a year while we lived in Prague. We found one aquarium shop here and they happily came to our apartment and did all the work, for which I'm thankful. After it was all set up we waited a week for the water to neutralize and then we went to the shop to buy the fish. All they had were different types of goldfish, so I was disappointed. Then when I found out that one goldfish costs about 8 USD I was not happy at all. I bought 9 and they gave me a deal- 50 USD!

I like this shot of Coco sitting on a footstool watching the fish. She seems to be in awe of them and when we say "give the fish a kiss" she tries to do it. Now when I feed them I have to give her a tiny piece of their food as well!

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