Saturday, August 06, 2005

Chinese Water Torture

I am living in a country where it is mandatory to have a reserve water tank on the roof of the building where you live. There are frequent power outages and hence there is often no water. These tanks are randomly refilled and since there are hundreds all around me, it is much like a Chinese water torture, with the sound of running/dripping water heard 24 hours a day. It's enough to drive me crazy!

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ITS said...

Great shot! Again you have to understand that the water problem is also closely tied to the outdated to the infrastructre problem.

Enver Hoxha kept the population of Tirana to a 200k forcefully during his regime artificially distributing it throughout the rural areas. With the fall of communism the population of Tirana quadrupuled causing all types of problems with transportation, electricity, and water.

I am sure this can't help you with your problem, but understanding will be the first step into integrating with the society. After all my people have been through, I am proud of their practical solutions to common problems.


P.S. (Ok, I think I have reached the beginning of your blog now. I am ready to go get a ticket and visit Tirana.)