Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Roll UP the Carpets!

We have a beautiful little dog who is just over two years old now, and she is the delight of our lives, except for her one nasty little habit of peeing on anything that resembles a carpet. I have to admit it is probably mostly my own fault because I trained her to go out on the balcony and pee on the small piece of indoor/outdoor carpet that we had put there for her. It seemed like a good idea at the time of course, but then she always took advantage of any carpeting that was laying around- inside or outside the house. So after two years of putting up with this habit, and of washing spots off the carpets, we have finally rolled up (and discarded) all the carpets in our apartment, and put newspaper down on the terrace for her to use. She seems to have gotten the idea and has successfully peed on it several times, although her other 'need' was deposited close to it but not on it. Besides taking up the carpets, I'm trying to take her out for several little walks per day, but it is unbearably hot right now and she can hardly walk around the block once without splaying out in a shady place. My fingers are crossed that her behaviour (and mine) will improve now that her favourite peepee places are gone.

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