Friday, May 09, 2008

A Little Respect

Come on people- show a little respect!

We attend many events and receptions that invariably begin with a national anthem and a speech from a dignitary of some sort. I am always shocked by the lack of respect shown by many people in attendence. I'm not saying this is a problem particular to Albania, no, I've observed it in many other countries as well. But it is really bad here- really.

Today at a reception for European Day, during the anthem and during the speech by the ambassador, I looked around and realised that virtually no one knows how to behave for such an occasion. I think I learned the proper etiquette for these situations either at elementary school or perhaps at Girl Guides.

So for those of you who were never taught it, keep the following in mind: When the anthem begins to play, stop whatever you are doing and face the flag. Don't talk, don't smoke, don't drink. And then listen to the speech! I was appalled by the large number of the press who don't think that they have to be quiet during speeches. Just because they have microphones and cameras and can review the event later, doesn't give them the right to ruin the event for everyone else.


Ginnie said...

You are so right, Kim!

We happened to be in Brisbane, Australia, on Anzac Day, the equivalent of our Memorial Day in the States. Donica and I were able to see some of the parade activity (a 2-hour event!) and were actually brought to tears by the patriotism we saw. We both remarked on how we just don't see it like that in America!

Panorama de Fortim visto por Alida said...

Kim, Thank you for bringing up this post. The word respect is missing especially when these people do not know how to behave for their own flag's anthem!