Thursday, March 13, 2008

True Happiness

Waterfall Kim H

A beautiful quote that I'm borrowing from Jan at Yearning for God:

“We are on this earth to be happy. God is happiness, because God is
absolute security. If you have discovered God in yourself, if you feel loved by
God, sustained by God, carried along by God like a wave is carried along by the
ocean—that is the ultimate accomplishment. And you will find God through love
through gratitude and gratitude through happiness. God is that non-dependent
happiness that subsists through betrayal, trials and failure.”

~~Arnaud Desjardins


Diane Mandy said...

A lovely quite, indeed! And I also like the picture very much.

GMG said...

Hi Kim, this week was another hectic one, so I’m sorry to have been a bit absent from here. Anyhow TGIF!
Odd waterfall. Sorry can't help with the print... :( Loved to see the Road Home picture!
Now, hope you enjoy Oia and its fabulous sunset at Blogtrotter.
Have a great weekend!

virtual nexus said...

Thanks for your visit to mine.
Lovely blog you've got here - especially liked the header and the old family photos.

Jan said...

So glad you put that quote here!