Friday, March 21, 2008

Off On Another Journey

Well it's the last night here with my parents in Nova Scotia... tomorrow I fly to Toronto and spend the weekend with my two amazing kids, which makes the leaving a little bit easier. Sunday night I'll fly to Vienna and the Big P will meet me at the airport. We'll stay 3 days in Vienna while he has meetings and then finally make our way to Tirana. So a week from now I'll be back home and in my own bed. That's always something wonderful to look forward to. I'm not sure how I'll handle the Blog365 thing over the next week or so, but the 'rules' say I can write the posts everyday and then post them all at once when it's possible. Sounds reasonable and doable!


O said...

Enjoy Toronto!

Jan said...

Have fun!

Rositta said...

Well I hope you enjoy Toronto too although it's pretty dirty looking right now. There are times I'm not too proud of my city. Good times with the kid and good trip home, I know all about the bed thing, I swear I'm taking my bed to Greece this year, lol...ciao