Thursday, March 20, 2008

All Over the Place Tonight

I'm just getting this post done in time... with the Blog365 thing I sometimes fel like I'll turn into a pumpkin if I don't get something written by midnight. Would it bring me bad luck if I missed a day? I guess not but that's not the point of being involved in the project. It's definitely been a great motivation for me this year. Sure there's the whole question of quantity versus quality but for me that's also not the point. I just wanted to develop the habit of journalling everyday. They say it takes something like 30 days to develop a habit and I suppose that I've gotten way past that point. So yippeeeeee for me! Last year I had fallen out of the habit, often thinking about writing a post and then telling myself "nah... that's not important". So now, though some (or a lot) of my posts may not be important (to you), the act of writing them is valuable for me.

I watched a bunch of tv tonight... first- Law and Order- did anyone else watch that? The beginning of the episode really annoyed me. The story started off by making a murder appear to have been committed by some Albanian mafia type guy. They really stressed Albanian Muslim extremism, something I've never encountered in 3 years living in Albania. I'm sure there must be some but in general I've found most Albanians to be very non-religious. Thankfully the story changed its focus to another extreme group- the Christians, and left the Albanians behind. It was interesting to have two fundamentalist groups presented in the same episode, with the Christian one turning out to be put on trial.

And then I watched American Idol... grrrrrrr... I really disagreed with who was kicked off this week!!! Amanda was fantastic- strong- talented-fun-and entertaining. I'm still shaking my head. The voters left at least THREE very boring contestants. I feel like Pontius Pilate and therefor wash my hands of the whole thing.

I caught a brief glimpse of David Letterman this afternoon and he has a huge beard!! who else thinks he looks completely WEIRD?? Is there a reason for the beard that I haven't heard about? Tell me!

And we have a Canadian program called The Hour hosted by George Stroumboulopoulis and he is delicious! However it's on too late for me (11PM) and I wish I didn't always fall asleep before it's over. Pooooop!


Anonymous said...

Albanian extremism is a rumour fanned by the Slavs in North America in order to scare the American populus in Iowa. Of course, the American farmer will be scared. He has no idea about geography or geo-politics. What surprises me is how easily has Hollywood fallen for this kind of crap

Rositta said...

George has a website and podcasts if you miss his show. I watch it every night, just love him too...