Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh How Blessed I Am!

As I was running out the door of a local supermarket last night, I literally bumped into a dear friend of mine. At first I didn't recognise her, but on second glance the beautiful scarf wrapped around her head gave her identity away. It was S, an American woman who has been here several years working for an organization that helps women who have been victims of trafficking.

Do you know how many angels I have in my life? A lot!

I haven't seen S for some time- she's been out of the country- I thought in the states. We hugged and kissed and I asked how she'd been and if she had a nice time back home. I was aware that S had been diagnosed with cancer last summer and that she was getting chemotherapy. Instead of giving up her job she decided to have the treatments here in Tirana. In my eyes that is a very courageous thing to do. I've told you before of the lack of basic needs in hospitals and clinics- sometimes no water and no electricity, often no stitches nor anaesthesia. It isn't pretty. S told me how she'd been in Switzerland for two months getting treatments, and then in the States recuperating with family. A wise move I think and one I would have done from the beginning.

S looked at me and smiled.

"Guess what?" she asked.


"Look..." she replied and slowly unwrapped the scarf that covered her head.

"Oh my!!" I gasped. "Look at you!! You have hair!"

"I do and I love it!" she said.

"Wow... it's beautiful" I told her. "I love it like that- you could gel it and spike it up!"

People were staring at us and I wondered if they understood the beauty of the situation. Here was a fabulous woman, with a heart of gold, gleefully sharing the joy of her hair growing back with me, her honoured friend, in the middle of a small supermarket.

S, I am blessed by knowing you and am humbled by your courage.

"Friends are kisses blown to us by angels." ~Author Unknown


Ginnie said...

What a sweet, eternalized moment for the two of you, Kim. That's heaven on earth! Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Kim, come over to my blog to pick up you award!

Maria said...

You have some amazing friends!

Di Mackey said...

Could be that angels attract angels :)

LarryR said...


We've just been through the same realizations. Everyone at church thought Nanc's silver-and-black very short hair was very chic, and they were disapointed when we dyded it to her normal color. It's now about 4 cm long, and a far cry from her autumn/winter baldness.

Love to you and P.

Karen said...

Hi Kim,

What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing. It certainly puts things in perspective & reminds us to enjoy all the special moments life gives us.
P.S. I love reading your blog from here in Canada

Cousin Karen