Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Definitely, Maybe

This morning in our car on the way to the hairdresser:

Me: "Would you look at that!! That woman is wearing her seat belt!!"

P: "Must be a foreigner"

Me: "And there's a child's car seat in the back!"

P: "For sure she's a foreigner."

Me: "Oh look!!!!She's using her signal light!!!"

P: "Yep, must be a foreigner."

Me: "Uhh... she just drove through a red light!"

P: "Definitely an local."


O said...


Unknown said...

Sounds like P's mind is made up about the locals. not that healthy, nor particularly fair...

Miss Kim said...

Well Blendi... you've got him quite wrong! It's just something funny that happened to us this morning, don't take it too seriously!

Lynda said...

hahahaha - She was doing the right thing if she lives here in Cairo, I recently heard a story about an Italian that was driving and stopped at a red light (nobody else did) and when he didn't immediately move on when motioned by the policeman - he pulled a gun and told him to 'DRIVE'... he drove... LOL

Great story.