Sunday, February 17, 2008

History in the Making

inside the lily

What a historic day it is!

At 3pm today Kosovo declared its Independance from Serbia. Tirana is filled with flags and the center is closed for all traffic. Even in the middle of the afternoon fireworks are going off. It's pretty exciting to be living here at this time. I pray the people of Kosovo will now be able to live their lives in peace and joy, and in celebration of who they are as a people.

My personal philosophy tends towards unity and the oneness of all humanity, but when the history of a country is filled with so much pain, there comes a point when separation is the only way to healing. It's similar to the point in a marriage when there is no other choice but to divorce. And so this is what is happening today.

Let's hope that the split will be smooth and fair to both sides.


GMG said...

Hi Kim, thanks for your comment at Blogtrotter.
Hope all the joy will not turn sadness; the Balkans have a sad story of dealing with minorities... Let's hope!
I’m still posting on Sofia; what a lovely name…
Have a great week!

oreneta said...

Did you take that photo? Certainly unity is vital, but a respect for our diversity has to go hand in hand with that, I think there, it is only possible with a little space, eh?

Miss Kim said...

Hi oreneta! I did take the photo... do you know what it is? It's the stem of a lily that I broke in two and noticed how awesome it was!
I guess I should put a statement on my blog that all photos are taken by me unless I specifically say that they're not :)

And yes... the idea of space-- that's an important thing to think about!

Lynda said...

An extraordinary event - amazing that you are there to take part. I wish them so much peace and happiness. There has been enough anger.

Unknown said...

I was thinking of you as I watched TV on Sunday. Keep us up-to-date about the reaction there. I am sure that Kosovo will be super friendly with their Albanian neighbor, but I am not sure what the Serb minority will think about that.

Rositta said...

Already the trouble and violence has started. Did we really think it was all going to be smooth? My offspring wrote a couple of posts on the subject, he's been in the region.
I truly hope that there will be peace in all the world some day, maybe even in my lifetime...ciao