Saturday, October 13, 2007

Vaya Con Dios in Tirana

Because I found it impractical to always have my new Canon camera in my handbag at all times (it is too big and without its case it could get damaged), and because I feel completely insecure without a camera on my person at all times (what if I miss the perfect photo op??)...

I "had" to buy this sweet little camera on Friday:
It's nice and small so I won't ever have an excuse not to be snapping away!
So my first opportunity to use it was last night at the Vaya Con Dios concert here in Tirana. Oh what a beautiful concert it was! Dani Klein has an incredible voice. Full. Resonant. Mature. Capable. And so easy to listen to. If you're from North America you might not be very familiar with this group (as I wasn't) but Europeans will recognise the name for sure. They have some great songs: Don't Cry for Louis, Puerto Rico, and the very catchy Nah, Neh, Nah which had everyone in the packed auditorium on their feet singing along and dancing. It was truly enjoyable and I'm so glad I went!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't know they existed! Every now and then I hear some of their old songs on the radio here in Yerevan as well.

O said...

Hi Kim, congratulations on the new addition to your camera family. It does indeed look very sweet and cute! Happy snapping!

Ginnie said...

I remember that you knew about Il Divo before I had even heard of them, Kim. So I now pay attention! :)

I think you may have as many cameras now as you have handbags. :)

GMG said...

Congratulations Kim! Nice decision; just bought a new compact - the new Canon G9!

GMG said...

Kim, came back to tell you that
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Have a great time!

Unknown said...

I bought a small camera for the exact same reason! And it has paid off despite the rain every day!