Thursday, September 06, 2007

Giddy-Up Albania!

There's an intriguing story that I found on "Horsetalk" about Robin and Louella Hanbury-Tenison, a British couple who are making a journey across Albania on horseback, complete with a film crew and a video journal. The film is being made by Mickey Grant, the American director who's film "Injection" played an important role in bringing about the release of the Bulgarian nurses in Libya.

The whole journey can be followed on-line at TransAlbania Ride 2007, along with almost daily YouTube videos.

The film will be used to promote similar types of tourism here in Albania, still one of the least explored countries in Europe. I find it amusing because just last night at dinner, my friend told me about two guys she knows who are now in the north of Albania and have just bought a donkey on which to travel across the country! A donkey ride would be a far more challenging experience don't you think?

Anyhow, Robin Hanbury-Tenison has an incredible biography on the website. He's done so many amazing things in his life including more than 30 expeditions. In 1982 The Sunday Times named him "the greatest explorer of the past 20 years". I am sure that he will bring a very interesting perspective to the experience.

Today the team is still far up in the north in the spectacular area of Bajram Curri. The entire itinerary is on their website so you can follow them day-by-day. The book "Land of Eagles" will be published in 2009, and I look forward to reading it one day!


Candyland said...

This is quite interesting. I will be checking this out.

Jan said...

Thanks for coming by my blog. I'll have to look more at yours when I have time.

Ginnie said...

So will they one day be galloping by your house, Kim?! :) I'm quite sure this will be amazing once it's done. Do keep us updated!

belle_fleur said...

Smart idea using the donkey because in the deep northen part, the car won't get up there, so why not the donkey. I think it will be quite an experience for them.

Katja R. said...

I love horses for their beauty, but if you want a job done, get a donkey, they don't need as much to eat, they are more sure-footed on mountain trails than horses, and less nervous in the face of various dangers, less likely to shy and bold if they see a stray piece of paper.

I know this because of a journey my family took in the 1950s by donkey through Yosemite Park. I was all of four, I picked the donkeys. My parents figured my good record at the track made me the best person to pick equine transport. I always picked winners so they wisely realized I had an instinct for the right animals. I must have because the ranger in charge of the donkeys and mules said 'Stop her, she's taking ALL MY BEST animals!'
The three day trek was arranged by my father, the youngest of my sisters had died in a very tragic way, and my father wanted to get my mother someplace she could heal.
We all had a wonderful time in Yosemite.
Anyway, again, I will always love horses, but you cannot trust a horse the same way as you can trust a donkey.