Friday, July 06, 2007

More of the Same Old Story

In case I haven't sounded depressing enough this week...

State power monopoly KESH reported recently that the country would suffer long blackout hours in September due to insufficient levels of domestic production and the lower levels of imports, which would not guarantee normal supply.

"We have a deficit of 800 millions KWh and this deficit will be
covered by blackouts", a KESH official said.

As reported in Albanian Economy News today.


Anonymous said...

Well KESH could import the rest. But that assumes it could pay for the imports (not everybody pays their bills). And also it assumes that there is any spare electricity to import. The price in the Balkans is very high at the moment.

sorry to be a techie for once :)

Anonymous said...

There's a US company who installs solar panels for free. You do not buy the equipment.

They're currently trying to spread the words to American consumers, who normally sign up for a 5 or 25 year contract.

But I wonder, since they are interested in relatively rapid and sustainable growth, if they could make a 25 year contract with a nation who needs cheaper, friendlier power without having to dip into the national budget for millions.

Interesting thought.

Anonymous said...

I guess If I come to Albania I should pack: water, generator, and get ready to be licked at my feet.
What is this, "get deppressed at the rate of 1 Euro"?!

Ll.T. said...


Of course there will be more problems; it has been predicted that this summer will be quite warm and you can derive from that there will problems with the energy generated by the hydro centrals. The current government (which is to be blamed together with the previous ones for letting the situation get so shitty) tried to solve this by giving KESh about $200 mln, however the IMF stepped in and said No, No, No so it was limited to $50 mln.

The IMF is also pushing for the urgent privatisation of KESh, some who like conspiracy theories claim that the poor situation of the company has been caused by people who intend to sell it dirt cheap....


Hey Anonymous,

Take a hike, nobody is begging you to come here!

Anonymous said...

I have to come. I'm buying an apt there.

Anonymous said...

Your blog used to be a daily read. There were very nice posts. Now it has become more like a circle of housewives, with mediocre
subjects. More I read, more I get upset or angry about things in Tirana.

That said, I think I'm going to stop reading your blog, which as I mentioned before probably is not meant to be for other readers outside your circle.

Miss Kim said...

Dear Anonymous,
You are right. I am quite guilty of being a lazy blogger recently. Thanks for pointing this out to me. I do appreciate it and will make a commitment to pulling up my socks and putting more effort into my writing. It's easy to whinge and complain about things but to keep my eyes open to truly interesting details requires being completely mindful- something which I do aspire to be.

I'm sorry if I lose you as a reader, but I also thank you for pointing out one of my faults.