Saturday, June 02, 2007

Introducing Skender!

We've added a new member to our little menagerie here in the "Villa Blue"... his (or her- we have no idea if it's M or F) name is Skender... I chose this name in honour of the incredible Albanian National Hero Skenderbeg... a northerner who was sent to be brought up in the Sultan's court in Constantinople in 1415. Statues, paintings, and all kinds of souvenirs are found around the country, and there is a larger-than-life size statue of Skenderbeg on his horse in Tirana's main square.

I think our little Skender is quite a majestic birdie... don't you?

Of course the pet shop couldn't tell me anything about him when I bought him as a present for Peter's birthday early in May. All they knew was that he is 6 months old, so still very young. If someone knows more about this type of parrot?/budgie? perhaps you could enlighten us. He's awfully timid- hates it when I put my hand in his cage- and makes threatening noises at me. Other than that he is quite calm. He makes a very high pitched shrieking noise when he hears other birds or music, and Coco is completely jealous of him when we give him any attention. I really want to train/tame him to sit on my finger but at the rate it's going that seems impossible. Any tips or hints would be appreciated!



olli said...

Norwegian Blue

Ms Mac said...

He/she is absolutely beautiful! The lovely Antipo told me that to tame a bird, the first step is to be in a very quiet room and simply sit with your hand in the cage, not moving for ten inutes or so regularly. Keep doing that until the bird eventually doesn't mind the hand going in the cage. Then, start to move your hand very slowly towards the bird and just keep doing that until the bird gets used to that movement...... I'd recommend asking Antipo (who is very, very good with birdies) for more info.

Choco Pie said...

That is a gorgeous bird. The colors are beautiful.

Miss Kim said...

our man- NORWEGIAN BLUE????????? ACK! ACK! ACK! (maybe we should Anne that?!?!?!)

Thanks ms mac for the tips and the link!

Sandra... thanks- we think so too!

CanadianSwiss said...

What gorgeous colours! I'm more of a four legged human, so I'd stick with Ms. Mac's advise. By the way I love you new pict!!

Anonymous said...

my you've been busy. glad to see you back and i prefer the new picture. sexy!

christina said...

Beautiful plumage! :-)

He/She's so pretty. I don't think I've ever seen a bird like that before.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Bird. anonymous dont be stupid. nice name..

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Anonymous said...

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Esben Agersnap said...

What an amazing bird, Kim. I think you might have an Aussie on your hands here. It looks like an Eastern Rosella to me. Native to Australia and Tasmania. It's probably a male, since the females tend to have duller colours and Skender seems very bright.

Check Wikipedia: They have some good pet advice as well. Apparently he can learn to talk, but doesn't like being petted.

Anonymous said...

He is absolutely stunning - what amazing markings.