Sunday, February 11, 2007

Such a Super Sunday!

After a rather wet and dreary Saturday we woke up to a sky filled with sun and fluffy clouds. We sent Coco off to her "other family" because we're off to Vienna (yes again!) for a few days, and then we decided to go for a long walk through a few backstreets in our neighbourhood.

Here's a great name for a sandwich shop!

And I love the way sandwich is spelt in Albanian.

We took a second look at this shop-- I wonder what "Canadian Style" is?

Now here's a fixer-upper with a lovely terrace.

Part of the charm of an old city like Tirana is the juxtaposition of old and new. I love this old house- look at the roof tiles all jumbled and falling off! It's nestled beside a modern apartment building and it's obvious from the hanging laundry that a family still lives here.

Then we stopped at Sofra, our favourite Turkish restaurant in the city. I love these pots though I don't know if thy're for coffee- tea or perhaps some sort of hookahs? I love the rich, old earthy colours in the wall hangings and benches.

And the Iskander Kabob is quite a satisfying taste of Turkey.

Now I hate to rub it in but the temperature today must have been near 20 celsius, and everyone was out strolling without their winter coats on. P got so warm he even took off his light jacket. What a lovely Sunday we've had!


CanadianSwiss said...

Wow! And I thought it was an abondonned house until I saw the laundry.

Anonymous said...

Man you made me soooo homesick!
I know exactly where that house is (Ithink)! Between Fortuzi Street and Muzeumi Kombetar?

Katja R. said...

I don't know the Turkish, Albanian, or Bosnian name for those pots, just the name used in India, they are called 'aftaba' and are used for water. When you have Turkish coffee, you can use that pot to put just a drop of water in the coffe to make the grounds go to the bottom of the cup, leaving you with pure coffee. I like those pots too, they are very pretty.

Cynthia Rae said...

Canadian Style is an oxymoron (like wedded bliss)! hehehehe! Kidding, kidding!

Loved the photos! Hope to see if all in person one day. Looks like a very interesting place to live.

So you guys are off for another adventure? How fun! I am sooo jealous! Have a great time and I am looking forward to hearing all about it!

Ginnie said...

Your Sunday was much more Super than any Super Bowl or whatever else, Kim. I love your random virtual tour throughout your day, and get my education every time you do this. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Excuse my ignorance of foreign lands - is it OK to eat food in restaurants without worrying about getting sick (i.e. Mexico travel)? I went to England several years ago and we didn't worry about it, but I don't know about the rest of the world.

Miss Kim said...

CanSwiss- Isn't it an amazing house?
Anon- Homesickness can sometimes be a very enjoyable feeling, in a weird way. I think you are right about where this house is. A very interesting neighbourhood!
Yakima-Aftaba! Thanks for teaching me something new!
Cyndi- Ha ha-- I guess you're right. *pout* since you live in the style capital of the world!
Ginnie- you're welcome Ginnie- You know I am thinking of you when I decide what to post!
Sonja-In some countries where standards of hygeine are still quite low you do have to be careful. In Albania we are really careful about salads, water and ice cubes, but in general cooked food is okay.

Kristen Beqari said...

Sounds like a lovely afternoon... and I will have to be sure and look for Sofra when we are in Tirana next. Looks like we will there in late August this year!!! YEA!!!
Hey, I heard that they opened a Mexican restaurant in Tirana. Have you seen it??? That is something I will definitely have to try :o)

Anonymous said...

What was the Canadian Style food like?