Tuesday, February 13, 2007

February in Vienna

Well... We're in Vienna once again! What a spectacular flight over the Alps, covered in snow and looking so majestic. It hasn't been a very cold or difficult winter in central Europe so most of the landscape was not white at all, but quite green in many places.

We had a fantastic dinner last night with a new friend who's blog I have been reading for quite some time now. She's the incredibly sweet Angelika from The Flying Apple, a food blog that I've aways thought reigns above most others. Angelika knows so much about food, and shared some of her knowledge with us over dinner at a very Austrian restaurant called Plachutta, where we tried our first Tafelspitz, a delicious boiled beef. Having been virtual friends for a little while now, I know we were both delighted to meet in person and to become "real friends" now. In a few months Angelika will open a tiny and very personal restaurant in her own home, and we can not wait to have our first meal at her table!
I did a LOT of walking today, in almost Springlike temperatures- certainly the temperature was above 15 celsius I think. Lots of people were sitting on park benches and catching a few warming rays. I spotted this beautiful dog enjoying the park and he ran right up to greet me like an old friend. I adore the colour of the new pots that have been placed in the alcoves here along the canal.
The Stadtpark has been really cleaned up over the past few months. The sculptures are gleaming white now and haven't yet been marked by bird droppings. I love the feeling of power in this piece and the fabulous strength seen in the faces and muscles.

It's so Springy that even the trees are beginning to turn green and the ducks were all taking much needed baths in the pond. Lots of splashing and diving going on today!

I was so tempted to buy masses of flowers but since I won't be flying home til late tomorrow night, it was out of the question. I can hardly believe how inexpensive beautiful and unusual flowers are here in Vienna, when back in Tirana we can basically only buy carnations, painted in bright blue or orange, and at outrages prices for truly bad quality. Oh well, I can enjoy the photo for a while.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post. I felt like I was really there. Thanks for your comment on my blog today. It made me feel better!!
I would imagine that Austria is very similar to Germany? I have a lot of family in Germany and visited there once. The scenery was lovely back then. I wonder if developers have been as busy in Europe as they have been in the U.S.?

CanadianSwiss said...

How funny! I have just discovered Angelika's blog a few days ago and I agree with you. Her food blog is absolutely great and she seems like such a sweet woman.

Enjoy your last day in Vienna!

christina said...

As usual, it sounds like you're having a wonderful time already. And thanks for the link to a lovely new food (food! I love food!) blog.

Miss Kim said...

Sonja- You're welcome :) Somehow I get the feeling that less is being developed in this part of Austria but I might be wrong!
CanSwiss- Interesting coincidence! She's a super nice person and I am indeed blessed to now know her!
Christina- FOOD- ME TOO! I'm trying to arrange to come to the girl's weekend and then MMMMM we can talk about food all day!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kim (and Peter), it's so great what internet can do...

...for instance already being able to read about your day in Vienna (and I have found out about it via Christina's comment on my blog !

...I feel so incredibly happy and honoured to have met the two of you in person and thank you for your kind words. Here's to many happy returns !

BTW, haven't I arranged a truly nice weather for you ? ;-)))

Much love and be back soon in "your! Vienna, angelika

oreneta said...

I'll go over and check out that food blog, sounds great.

Cynthia Rae said...

Did you wave when you came by Italy?

Looks like the perfect place to spend Valentines day! Have a good one!

Jessica Brogan said...

It looks like a fabulous time!