Friday, December 08, 2006

Our Italian Adventure Pt. 2

Sat. Nov. 25th

Arriving in Bari,Italy at 8 AM Saturday morning was a good idea. The streets were still very quiet, making it easy for us to navigate through the city and out onto the open road. We'd decided to take the scenic route as much as possible and to avoid the toll roads which are usually dull and straight. We hadn't gone very far before we slammed into a thick wall of fog which lasted almost all the way to Salerno. Luckily we had been able to see at least some of the countryside and had taken a few photos of the lovely olive groves and the highly unusual Trulli Houses, native to the area. By noon we were driving up the absolutely breathtaking Positano Coast, with a quick run around Pompei, skirting around Naples, and then heading further north to our lodging for the night in Venafro.

I had chosen the charming Dimora delPrete B&B for our first night and it was delightful. We had (as usual) a little trouble finding it but after a stop at the local carabiniere (sp?), the lovely Dorothea, our hostess, came and escorted us up the hill to her family palace. We relaxed for a while before heading downstairs to the drawing room where a welcoming fire awaited us. It was 7:30 and we were rather hungry. We were gently reminded that Italians eat dinner no earlier than 8, but that since it was ready it could be served if we agreed. We had a meal of simple country food, all produced by the family's organic farm. Our biggest laugh of the day was hearing the Sri Lankan waiter/chef/bellboy chuckle "Mamma Mia" at something we had asked him. Retiring to our room algow with the embers of a dying fire, we hopped into bed and fell fast asleep, purring contentedly like two well fed cats.

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Ginnie said...

This sounds like a trip of a lifetime, Kim. I would have wanted to stop at every little place along the way to take pics, which maybe you did? Italy has got to be one of THE amazing countries of the world. We have only been to Rome but will be in other cities while on a cruise next October. You're whetting my appetite!