Monday, December 18, 2006

Italian Adventure Pt. 9

Finally... the last full day of our whirlwind tour of Italy (and Croatia) by car!

Sat. Dec. 2 2006

The drive from Split to Dubrovnik is glorious! No super highway here, merely a wonderful slow coastal road which passes through countless villages and beachtowns. It was a sunfilled day and we both felt completely blissful as we rolled down the windows and took deep breaths of the fresh sea air. We stopped often just to take in the views. The mountains drop right off into the alluring turquoise sea. A little bonus of this route is that we got to drive through a short stretch of Bosnia Hercegovina- another country that has managed to claim a bit of the Adriatic coast.

You arrive at Dubrovnik at the top of a cliff and have to drive down a narrow steep road to get into the historical area of the city. We stayed at The Pucic Palace and were allowed to park right beside the ancient gate of the city. A smiling porter came to meet us and led us through the jaw-droppingly gorgeous pedestrian area. We were whisked into the reception area of the hotel and given our key by a very charming young woman. Everything was perfect here, in my eyes the most luxurious place we stayed in during this trip. Ohhh yeah- I LUV Bvlgari soaps and shampoos!

As usual we dropped our bags and ran back outside to catch a few sites of the city before the sun went down. Short days is one drawback of travelling in November. I had expected Split and Dubrovnik to be quite similar but in fact they were quite different in feel. Split was lively and vibrant and full of people, but Dubrovnik was really quiet, almost deserted, and eerily spooky. The harbour is lovely and full of colourful fishing boats. I imagine that it is a bustling place in the summer, but in the late fall it looks like a set from a finished movie. Dubrovnik has been mostly restored since the ravaging war of 1991 and 92 and is once again highly recommended as a vacation destination. But honestly we liked Split more!


Writer and Nomad said...

i've always wanted to go to croatia. and eveyone says it's just lovely.

Cynthia Rae said...

I loved reading all about your Italian vacation! I felt like I was on tour with you guys! The pictures are all wonderful and it sounds like you had a great time. Be sure to come back soon! Spring time around here is BEAUTIFUL!
ps. Not sure what Italians pigs say! I know the cats say "miao" (spelled different but sounds the same) and the dogs say "bau bau". I will have to ask about the piggies!

swissmiss said...

I'm glad to hear that drive is lovely; we cancelled a Croatia trip two years ago when my pregnancy seemed like is was going a bit hinkey and hope to do it in late 07. We've been torn between the ferry and the drive - I romanticize the ferry but have also heard from unreliable sources that the coastal road isn't so nice. Glad to hear from somebody I trust that they enjoyed it!

I do envy your travels! I'm so glad you always post pictures and wrap-ups.