Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Butterfly House, Vienna

A HUGE moth in the Butterfly House, Vienna

I really don't know the names of butterflies at all.... must get a book one of these days! But this type were flying all around us today in the beautiful House of the Butterflies. When they land this is how they look, but when they are in flight you see the backs of their wings which are the most awesome blue.

And one more... aren't they beautiful?


Gia-Gina said...

I have been following your photos of Vienna but these are absolutely gorgeous. Wow!

Miss Kim said...

Thanks Gia-Gina! IT was truly lovely to be swarmed by butterflies!

Unknown said...

Those are awesome butterflies. I've tried and haven't been all too successful with shots like this, so I give you major major props. These are just incredible!!! That moth, wow! It looks like a bird also on the end wings.

Ginnie said...

These pics ARE incredible, Kim. They remind me of when we visited Callaway Gardens years ago, south of Atlanta, and went into the butterfly house there. But that was before my photography days. Great job.