Tuesday, April 18, 2006

6 Things About ME

I promised Expatraveler that I would do this little meme, so here it is. It took a bit of thinking through before getting it done! It sounded simple "come up with six things about you" but it was a bit of a challenge.

1. My hubby calls me "Gadget Girl" because I am crazy for any new gadgets and techie stuff. I'm like a magnet and if I sit too long in any one place, a pile of techie stuff will start piling up around me!

2. I LOVE playing Scrabble and the CD is always in my laptop ready to go. My best play was 87 points, my best game was 438, and my rating is currently 1239.

3. I know a little bit of a lot of languages. It started in primary school where we were taught French (I grew up in Canada), then in High School I took a Latin course, in Seminary (yes I went to seminary) I took Ancient Greek. When we moved abroad I took Dutch lessons, then Romanian and German lessons, then Czech lessons (that is a very difficult language!), and now I am contemplatin Albanian lessons. I already have several books sitting on my desk for the Albanian. I am only fluent in English!

4. I was in a movie once. It is called Wild Dogs and is about a dog catcher and a diplomat in Bucharest. It was a very hot day and we (myself and my two friends)were supposed to be 'ladies at a cocktail party'. I loved it! I imagined we were the 3 graces. The director told me I was "the glamourous one" and I was thrilled. The famous actor David Hayman starred in the movie. He was also in Rob Roy (one of my favourite movies ever!)

That's my half face! Hahahaha!

5. I LOVE books and I am constantly reading. I'm cataloguing our books on LibraryThing and so far I have almost 700 in the list, with many more to do. I read two great books over the weekend, Between Mountains, a love story set during the time of the Bosnian War, and The Stowaway, about the Romanian man who stowed away on a ship and made it to Canada.

6. I saved the best for last! I have two amazing kids, Rebekah and Joshua, who both live in the Toronto area. She's almost 26 and he's 23 and I am hysterically proud of them. Becky studied Art History (she takes after me!) and Josh studied International Business (like his father!). Both are not married (yet!)but have exceptionally wonderful partners.

So that's it... 6 Things About Me.

Now.... *wicked laugh*... I tag... SeaWitch and Dixie Peach and anyone else who's up to the challenge!


verniciousknids said...

You were obviously cast correctly :)

Jade L Blackwater said...

Languages are so much fun, aren't they? I would like to learn so many... but so far, I have English as my first language, and I studied French for five years as a teenager. I've been able to retain enough of the basics of French that I hope it will come flooding back to me when I finally get a chance to visit a French-speaking nation.

I recommend learning Japanese (if you find the time). I studied Japanese for two years when I was 7 & 8 years old, and I LOVED it! While I can't remember much, the mere sound of Japanese is pure music to my ears. :)

Tracie P. said...

d'oh! et got me too...thanks for sharing :)

Unknown said...

Kim - that is so great! I love all of them, so well thought out.

Funny -I used to play games but forced myself to quit because I should be doing other things. yeah like blogging.. haha

Your lessons - well at least you could survive in many places!

That movie fact is so cool.

And your kids - interesting!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!! :)

Turtle Guy said...

Amazingly positive things about yourself, my friend!

The SeaWitch said...

With all these memes going around, what will be left for us to say to each other if we ever meet up without a keyboard separating us? LOL

I will do my best to fulfill my meme obligations but it might be a couple of days since I'm in the middle of a 3 part rant on my own blog and it's Greek Orthodox easter this week.

Ginnie said...

I love these things! Each and every "thing" tells me so much about you.

1) You and Donica could have a "race" for who's the best techie.
2) My mom was the Scrabble player of the century, always trying to beat her best score of 1000. You'd make a good playing partner with her if she were still alive.
3) My degree is in linguistics (ha) but only in how languages work, not how to speak many of them. Bravo to you!
4) You go, Actress-Girl. That's awesome!
5) That's a lot of books. No wonder you're so smart!
6) Your 2 kids are in the same order as mine and 3 years apart. Amazing.

Great job on letting us get to know you better!

AC said...
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