Friday, December 16, 2005

I'm Here!!

Hi everyone!
It's been awhile since I've updated my blog but I have had a few big changes in my life in the past 3 weeks. First we had our wonderful weekend in Madrid with our good friends. We returned on Monday Nov. 21st at midnight and on Tuesday morning I found out I was flying out on Thursday morning at 5 am to go home to stay with my parents for 3 months- hopefully long enough for Albania to get the electrical situation under control. So here I am in Nova Scotia, Canada, buried deep in snow, but warm as toast, and connected to the internet. I have had access to my parents pc but I really needed a couple of weeks 'downtime' before I felt like writing my blog. I've been busy Christmas shopping and the most exciting thing is that I've bought a beautiful new home just around the block! My Mom and Dad will sell their house, move into our new one, and take care of it for us while we're abroad. It's a really exciting project for me and I've been obsessed with choosing paint colours and floor coverings. If all goes well we'll close on Jan. 9th and take a couple of weeks for painting etc., then move my parents in by the beginning of Feb.
Yesterday I bought a new laptop, and a wireless router, so here I am sitting in my bed and finally updating my blog. I am soooo happy right where I am and the only thing that would make me happier is to have my wonderful hubby here beside me. Lucky for me Peter will come to Canada in the middle of January for a 2 week visit! I can't wait!
Update on the power outages in Albania: apparently they still happen everyday but are far shorter than they were a month ago. Also, the promise by our landlord to connect the elevator to a generator has not been carried out, so if I was still in Tirana I'd be dealing with that as well. I'm thrilled that my parents live right on the ground!
Now I have a lot of reading to do catching up with all your blogs!


Unknown said...

I'm so happy you are back!!! Horray!!! Wow - I can't believe you suddenly went to Canada - but that's kinda sounding like something I would do also.

It's so exciting to have a new house too. Crossing my fingers the rest goes smoothly.

So you must tell us why the quick jaunt over to Canada?

I'm sure you are very happy, and especially with a brand new laptop. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love pics too!

:) Glad you are back!

- Jen

Rowena said...

It was just wonderful to see a new entry posted to your blog (I keep up with Bloglines now)---Welcome Back! And with tons of good news too! It's always refreshing to hear a positive note at this time of year, being an expat that misses home and all. ;-)

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

swissmiss said...

Welcome back. I had only just found you and then you "vanished" so it's good to know you're still around, although it sounds like I will miss reading about Albania the next month or two?

swissmiss said...

and oh I just saw you're on Librarything too! I'll have to check out your collection

christina said...

Good to know you're OK, Kim! And what exciting news. My brother and his family lived in NS for a year (and survived the winter!) and I visited them for a couple of weeks in 2003 and enjoyed my stay so much.

Gia-Gina said...

Have a great holiday season. There is nothing like being nice warm and toasty is there?

Prairie Girl said...

Hey Kim!

Glad to hear from you, glad you're toasty warm and are going to enjoy a Canadian Christmas.

Make sure to play the Huron Carol for me, 'kay?

ITS said...

Yes, yes, it was about time you started writing again. I was worried that you got kidnapped in Spain or something.

I have definitely missed you.

It's snowing like crazy in Montreal too. I love it though...


melusina said...

Welcome back! We all missed you!

Sounds like lots of good news for you. Congrats on the new house!

hockeyman said...

just when we were starting to learn our first words in albanian... poof... she bails to Nova Scotiawhere the people are so polite it drives you crazy..

Deborah said...

I was wondering about you!

Mona said...

Good to hear from you!! Sounds like you're doin well:) And I also got a new laptop recently and it's soooo fun to play with! And of course a huge help to blogging with regularity. Good luck with Xmas shopping. Dad's done now I have bro and mom to go...eeek!

Cynthia Rae said...

I am glad all is well. I was starting to think that something might have happened to you in Spain. Enjoy your family. Say hi to America for me (since you are so close now...hehehhe). And have a wonderful Christmas holiday!