Thursday, November 17, 2005

Paella, Gazpacho, Sangria?

While living in Romania we were part of a lovely little group of fellow foodies who went out to dinner together every 6 weeks or so. We called ourselves "The Glutton Club" and even went a little wild and travelled to other countries in search of the elusive perfect meal. We went to Athens and ate at Mezzo Mezzo (and some of us were shocked), we went to Turkey and ate numerous Iskander Kabobs, and to Amsterdam where we ate at the oldest restaurant in Holland, and we even took the train to Transylvania. Tomorrow we will meet in Madrid for the weekend and once again we will eat, and laugh, and enjoy our friends. So I will be back at midnight on Monday. Until then, be good and eat meals with friends!


melusina said...

Wow, sounds like a blast! Have fun and eat something for me!

Ll.T. said...


As an Albanian it surprises me that somebody (the Albanian gentelman) would say that in our language there are no such words such as honey, sweetie etc. Here are a few:

Shpirt: literally it means soul, you can look at it as soulmate.
Bebe: baby
Zemer: literally it means heart, it implies "you're my heart"
Engjell: angel


Also a quick note; "do qofte" means "do you want meatballs?" . The translation in the dictionary "to want it like a meatball" has no equivalent in Albanian (unlike the other ones which are actual phrases, albeit a bit archaic).

I hope you enjoy your stay in Albania.


Ll.T. said...

Another quick thing :)

The "Hello Dashuri" is more of a translation of "hello love" than an "original" Albanian expression. A more authentic way would be:

"Ç'kemi i dashur" (Ç is pronounced like the C in Ciao then kemi is like "camee". "I" is pronounced "ee" and then "dashur" would be pronounced as "duh-sur". The translation in English would be "How are you doing dear" but the I is used only for males, if you were talking to a female you'd substitute it with an "E".

I think I talked too much at this point, I guess I like my language too much.

Manushaqe said...

Of course we Albanians say words of love to each other. My husband calls me "rrushi" (means grape) all the time and it probably has something to do with the sweetness of grapes.
The world love in Albaninan is Dashuri, to love is "dua" - i love you being "të dua". When said like that, "të dua" it really means "I love you", but the verb "dua" has various other meanings. There are also other words used to express love like "zemra, shpirti, dashuria ime, zoga, etc".
Now, that being said, it is true that Albanians are not great about expressing their feelings, especially feelings of love (anger or hate are another story). But the words exist, there are plenty of them to use, we just don't want to use them often - who knows why, may be things would be different in Albania if we were just a little sweeter to each other!!

Unknown said...

Can't wait to hear about your trip! It's so wonderful to be so close to other countries. I miss that so much here in north america. I suppose as far away as we could get is mexico or quebec to experience something a bit different.

christina said...

Well, now you certainly know everything you need to know about Albanians in love. :-)

Hope you have a great time and great food in Madrid!

Cynthia Rae said...

Have a safe and wonderful trip. Take LOTS of pictures for you blog too! The husband and I have been wanting to go to Spain for a long time. Can't wait to hear all about it!

Mona said...

Wow, all those places sound great. Yes, meals with friends are a vital part of my existence:)

djalke_i_embel said...

if by chance you go to southeastern albania, namely Prenjas,Pogradec, Korce me Devoll, Kolonje and Permet you would hear a cascade of sweetness and not only in between couples. this being said, I would like to comment on the strange fenomenon (or is it fenomena?) that is prevalent amongst my countrymen. it seems that albos take particular pleasure in bad mouthing our country and our society. I personally have seen many a foreigner in quite visible discomfort trying to tell an albo that this particular event or that particular scenario could and has happened anywhere else in the world.
cheers thellenze e bores

Cynthia Rae said...

Where are you?
Did you decided to stay in Spain?


Unknown said...

I've been waiting for a new post too. I suppose things could have only gotten worse for you. Let's hope for the best and a report soon. :)

Prairie Girl said...

To those who are curious (like me :-),

Peter, Kim's husband told me at the end of November that Kim went back to Canada for a few months. She needed a break.

Just's so's you know.

Titania said...

I see you like Spain...
Here is not so far from there ;)
As for myself I adore paella and sangria, and gazpacho not that much...
Greetings from Portugal!