Monday, October 24, 2005

You Don't Say!

Three T-shirts I spotted on my walk this morning:

(on a really nice red and white Roots style hoodie)

Beautiful Lifah
(written in a fancy script on a pink T-shirt)

Marry Christmas
(on a child's T)

And in the newspaper headlines: History of Bird FLUE (ok flu or even flew might make sense- but flue??)



Mona said...

Hmmmm, food for thought I guess :)

melusina said...

Well, you can't rule out the possibility of a bird coming down the flue and infecting you.

Miss Kim said...

If I had a

Rowena said...

I love your photos of 'Around My Neighborhood'! And your childhood memory of the pomegranates... it put a smile on my face because whenever they come into season, I just have to buy a couple so that I can extract the juice from the pips. It's like having this precious liquid in my fridge!

p.s. Thanks for fixing the link. ;-)

sarainitaly said...

I love those t-shirts. I see funny mispelled shirts here all the time. The only one I can remember was *sbiderman*

ITS said...

Yes, you see the funniest tshirts in the streets of Tirana. They are even funnier because most people that wear them, have no idea what they say.

But in terms of misspellings I have the jackpot of them all:

check it out...