Wednesday, October 12, 2005

New Snack Food!

Here's a photo of some interesting things I bought at the market yesterday. I actually haven't a clue what they are called in English, but in Albanian they are something like "Edi or Ede", and they apparently grow on bushes or trees like olives. I first thought they were dates but they're not. They taste like apples or pears and in the center is a tiny seed. When they are ripe they are delicious! They are sold on the street by sidewalk vendors in little cylindrical paper packets so that you can walk and snack at the same time. We don't have any western fast food outlets here (that's right- no MacDonalds, no KFC, etc) but we have the Albanian version of fast food- vendors who stoop on the sidewalk grilling whatever is in season. Right now we can grab a cob of corn, or a cone of chestnuts, and these fruits, Edi.


Unknown said...

I love places that don't have any type of fastfood outlets. Consider yourself lucky. I miss that so much from Switzerland. I love being able to find chestnuts everywhere you possibly want such as train stations and main shopping districts.

ITS said...

Well there is a bootleg version of McDonalds in Tirana. It's right between University Square and Qemal Stafa soccer stadium. It's called "Colonat" and it's exactly like McDonalds, but it doesn't pay a franchise fee, by twisting the trademark and artwork a bit.

I am sure if you ask around everybody knows about it.

and Ide-s are to die for :)