Wednesday, October 12, 2005

LibraryThing | Catalog your books online

I just discovered a pretty neat and very useful site called LibraryThing Catalog your books online and we've already signed up and started cataloguing all our books. This will take some time but it's a fabulous way to keep a list on-line! It reminds me of our move to Romania where the customs clearance insisted that we make a list of every single book we owned including author and date of publication- it was a huge job then when we only had a few hundred books, and it is even larger now with more than 1,500. Check it out!

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Tim said...

Hey. The developer here. I saw this on Google Blogsearch and had to respond. Tirana? Excellent. I spent a year in Turkey and travelled around Greece. I came very close to going to Albania, but it was just after the fall of Communism there and I heard the crime rate was stratospheric. I should have gone...

Let me know if you have any feature requests. I sincerely doubt any Albanian library has "Z39.50" connection—what LT needs to add a library—but I'm open to other libraries you think might have material you need.