Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh Yes!

This is pretty intense but Ohhhhhhhh it IS what poetry should be!


darkorpheus said...

Wow. Thanks for leading me to this. I'm checking out Andrea Gibson's other poems and performance online right now.

GMG said...

Hi Kim! Wow! What a performance!!

After the green, Blogtrotter entered the old town... ;)
Enjoy and have a great weekend! I’m going to be busy at the Music Fest (Bach’s legacy… ;))

swenglishexpat said...

I am exhausted and breathless myself! Intense stuff indeed, and thought-provoking.

Ginnie said...

OMG! THAT is what it's all about. Thanks for leading us to her, Kim.

Anonymous said...

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I have enjoyed reading your observations. Your heart and the way you have written about where you are is truly lovely.
Happy belated birthday. Mine was on March 11th. :-)


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