Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I Am Nothing

I thought I was God. I can do anything. I helped my parents. My wife's parents. My sisters. My children have all they need. My wife is happy. There are so many people we have met in our travels that I have been able to help. A sweet Colombian girl that had so many issues. She is happily married to the man of her dreams. A Romanian friend has a husband and a dear child. Our Macedonian friends are expecting a child. Another Romanian friend has her small business and has been described by one of her peers as the 'energizer bunny' of the Romanian north. She has her own bed and breakfast and her tour agency. And I am so proud of my staff in Albania. But I couldn't keep my Coco safe. She was stolen. I don't know where she is. I am so tired of being God. I am so small. If there is a God, how does He live with himself? There is so much suffering. God can stop it. Why doesn't He? I am nothing. It must be so hard to be God.



Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that such a horrible thing has happened to such lovely people. This sort of thing is what makes life difficult to wrap one's head around.

Hope you can remember in this how many people are thinking of you!

MsTypo said...

Coco will turn up. Keep faith. All of Travelers one bloggy friends all over the world are also praying that Coco will be found.

nela said...

I’m sorry to hear that. Just yesterday, some friend o mine forwarded me an e-mail where there was this nice dog belonging to some Danish people living in Albania. That dog had been stolen too. This dog-napping thing is horrible. Keep the faith, you will soon keep Coco in your arms!

Unknown said...

Dear Peter
It really broke my heart to read such story! A saint like you, a man of virtues who really helped a lot everybody who came yr way,doesn’t deserve this pain! How much love you guys have inside you, this is simply incredible!!Its very hard these days to find people with such a big heart and courage to complete the deeds you said you did! Reading about yr Coco puppy, I was thinking: she must have lived a life like Coco Chanel…. Oh its so good….But maybe Coco is like everybody else not grateful! Maybe she run away from yr paradise, or she found another puppy to run away with and create another new family?!?
Dear friend when this happened to me a few years ago with my beloved dog, I was so shocked and sad!!!I thought that he was never running away from me, but he did….And one day after 3 months he decided to come back, you know what I did I shut him down and cried tears of sorrow…. and still do!!!!

Sincerely from an aching heart

Miss Kim said...

Lulushe... thank you very much for your kind words. Sorrow and pain are so universal... and hopefully we never get used to them. Bless you, Peter

ITS said...

Kim and Peter,

I am so sorry for your loss. I am keeping you in my mind and prayers, and hope that you will find Coco soon. Miracles do happen!


Anonymous said...

Sending you both much love and huge Hugs - Peter like my Peter you have grown in strength over the years X