Saturday, March 22, 2008

Oh the Memories!

Spent the day with my kids!! This is such a treat for me. I normally see them once or twice per year. I see them in the summer when we go to Canada and again if they have the opportunity to visit us where ever we might be living. We spent time at Indigo (where my daughter works)buying books and such, then we went to a movie together, then a great dinner at The Bloor Street Diner. We then drove around Toronto for a while looking at some of the places we had once lived. It was a real trip down memory lane and I was so happy to have the time to spend with them. Josh and Becky- I love you both so very much and am so proud of you!


Rositta said...

The next time you are in Toronto we should have a coffee together?...ciao

Anonymous said...

Kim that's wonderful! So there is hope for actually liking one's kids AFTER adolescence, right? That's good because at the stage mine are in, sometimes I'd rather see them only once or twice a year! lol Glad this feeling might change once they move off on their own. :-)

Looks like you had a nice Easter. All the best to you,

Karen said...

Hi Kim,

Spending the day with your kids would be a treat for anyone...they are wonderful people. I'm sure they enjoy spending time with you as much as you enjoy spending time with them. Hope to see you this summer!


oreneta said...

Kim, I am off topic here, though I have been enjoying your posts about Canada...I have a question for you though. You are an expat, who travels a lot and has a dog. We are going back to Canada for the summer, and we cannot decide whether to bring the dog or not. HE'd be here with my husband for the first half of the summer, and then with a friend for the rest...he is a slightly neurotic dog, having been abandoned before, but in TO he would spend most of his days in a basement alone.


What do you do? What have you done that works and that didn't work? What do you think?

Thanks for answering if you get a chance.