Saturday, February 02, 2008

I'm Anna of Cleves

I've finished reading The Six Wives of Henry VIII, and am reading the book about his very last wife, so how serendipitous it was to find this little quiz at Yearning for God this morning. Now that I know so much about each of the wives I was curious to find out which one the quiz would say I am like. So which one am I? Anna of Cleves (I truly would not have chosen her!)

Which of Henry VIII's wives are you?
this quiz was made by
Lori Fury

Congratulations! You are Anna of Cleves!

Anna of Cleves got the royal shaft. She came all the way to England to become the fourth wife of Henry VIII. Once married to Anna, he refused to consummate the marriage, and called her the "Flanders Mare". Talk about a burn, considering that by this time, Henry was the fattest man in England and had a rotting syphilis sore on his leg.

Anna was miffed, but she was too sensible to let it ruin her fun. She was given an annulment and a fat yearly allowance, and she threw extravagant parties and dined on delicacies for the rest of her life.


Lynda said...

I think it is rigged.. I came up as Anna of Cleaves - too... but then I read the bit about "henry was the fattest man in England with a rotting syphilis sore on his leg.. and she dined on delicacies for the rest of her life --- and decided 'that was about right!".

oreneta said...

So was I!!!

Maybe it's something about us expats???

Yeah, after that escription I'd be pretty relaxed about him not touching me....fine by me! Go annulment would be great!

Anonymous said...

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