Saturday, October 21, 2006

Waltzing in Vienna!

Peter and I are once again waltzing our way around the glorious Austrian city of Vienna. Sometimes (actually every morning) we pinch ourselves and ask if this life is really ours. As a little girl I never dreamt I would travel as much as I do and I didn't even think I'd ever go somewhere on an airplane. Now it's 'old hat' but I'm still not tired of it. I love the idea of being able to get on a plane, sit back for a while, and land in another place.

A bookstore with a fabulous chandelier!

Vienna is an awesome city. Perfectly walkable, and loaded with beauty. Charming cafes, hidden gardens, impressive statuary, and rather good shopping opportunities. Of course, for us Vienna means buying new books and so that is how we spent this morning- discovering a few new Viennese bookshops on a meandering walk around the city. So now our luggage is full and heavy with reading material for the next little while.
A Stylish Viennese Bride!

Tomorrow we've booked a bus trip to Salzburg, a city we've never been to.
It is the birthplace of Mozart and we've heard it is extraordinarily beautiful.
The only drawback is the 6:30 AM starting time!

The difference between a mermaid and a merman- can you spot it?


Ms Mac said...

I would dearly love to visit Vienna one day, and especially since you have posted such lovely photos!

Is the difference between the mermaid and the merman the beard? ;-)

Miss Kim said...

ms. mac... next time I plan a trip to Vienna I will let you know so we can meet and paint the town RED!
BTW... that is not the difference *grin*

Ginnie said...

Grin, indeed :)

Just swap the cities around because we HAVE been to Salzburg (you're gonna love it!) but not to Vienna. Can hardly wait to see what pics you take that I'll recognize :)

christina said...

What's that you say? Boring ol' Vienna again?? ;-) Only kidding, of course. You're pictures are just gorgeous (including the wonderful merman) and I'm sure you'll have some stories to tell.

Blessed said...

what a lovely post! Awesome pics. Love the merman!
I dream of traveling. So many places that this KY girl wants to see. Have been to England, France & Switzerland once but definitely need to go back. My dream is Rome. 2nd wish is Greece.

Miss Kim said...

Ginnie... Salzburg was sooo lovely. It will feature in the next post of course.
Christina...Thank you for the compliment. Did you notice that mermen have TWO legs!
Blessed... welcome to my blog :) and thanks for your kind words.