Thursday, March 09, 2006

Old Fashioned Modern Day Hippies!

Our town is in the middle of the Annapolis Valley, one of the richest farming areas of Canada, especially famous for its apples. I was surprised (though I suppose shouldn't have been) to find out that there is a sizable Mennonite community in the area. Over the past winter I've seen a few of the women shopping in the local mall. Yesterday as I was waiting for my Mother I watched as a few of the Mennonite girls walked past me and into the fabric shop. They are very traditionally dressed, much like the Amish, with skirts, flat shoes, and their hair tied up in buns and covered with little squares of fabric. On their hips were several little children, and one elderly grandmother seemed to be in charge. I looked around and watched the other shoppers reaction. Everyone tried to take a peek at this interesting group without being noticed. I chuckled when I noticed that one of the girls was wearing a skirt made out of a blue and yellow tie-dyed fabric! I wondered if she knew just how much like a hippie she looked like!

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Unknown said...

any history you speak about Canada is a lesson to me. I even had to look at your map to see what you were speaking about. :) That's what happens when you come from the west coast!