Thursday, September 15, 2005

Proofreader Needed?

Can you read this ad from our local English newspaper and not chuckle?
I love these words: donload, unpload, and eweryere! Try saying them outloud a few times and I bet you'll be laughing too.
It's almost as good as the item we found on a Romanian menu once: Chicken Thumbs!! (What they meant of course, were Chicken Fingers!)

One of the first unusual translations that we found here is on the bottle of our favourite drinking water from Tepeline. What in the world does "Suffled how it gush" mean??? I don't know enough Albania to translate the other side of the label myself, but I am curious what it is supposed to mean.


Bledi said...

I think they meant: "Filled as it flows from the woods of Tepelena". You'll find these confusing translations on Albanian products or TV and Newpaper media due to the inexperience of translators.

Anonymous said...

I know this is really old - but it made me laugh. When i visited Tirana for the New Year, the translation on this bottle always interested me. I have found though that the word on the opposite side "mbushur" means stuffed. **I learned this because my favorite dish there is "Speca të mbushura" which translated to Stuffed bell peppers. Must have been a big spelling error. You would think someone would have told them by now :)