Monday, August 24, 2009

The Game

The Game
Korca, Albania July 2009

"There are places on the planet we belong and they are not necessarily where we are born. If we are lucky- if the gods are in a good mood- we find them, for whatever length of time is necessary for us to know that, yes, we belong to the earth and it to us. Even if we cannot articulate this intense physical sensation, even if language fails us, we know what home is then, in our very bones."

~ Elizabeth Huggan ~

From one of my favourite books: Belonging


Beth said...

Such a lovely quotation.
And I'm going to check out that book.

tabakhone said...

I remember leavin a comment in this blog a while ago!
You had posted an entry about some Albanian who had told you that there are no terms for "I love you", "you are welcome" and such in Albanian.
In that comment I remember urging you to take a trip to the South East Albania, what with Korce, Pogradec and Kolonje!
I see that you have arrived in Korce!
I'm glad you like it!