Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Kids of Shkodra, Albania

Do you think YOUR kids would be so happy to go to the cabbage patch on a chilly day in February and pick a wheel barrow full of questionable looking cabbages, and then push them all the way home across the river and up a very steep hill?

It's Carnival time and these boys are still celebrating! Aren't they adorable?
I wonder what these boys are discussing on their way home from school? No school buses for these kids.... they have a long walk home in the cold.

And the girls- like kids everywhere these days-- carry backpacks heavy with books!


MsTypo said...

Not only cannot think of kids who would willingly do this - i can't think of any adults either! LOL

ITS said...

Backpacks with heavy books you say? Remember these are Albanian kids. Their backpacks are filled with AK47s and hand grenades.

Annie said...

What great photos! I was just looking at International teaching possibilities... Albania is not a place I really know...maybe I'll learn more from you.

Ginnie said...