Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lily Now Lives in Tirana!

Here's Lily and I last weekend at my brother's home in Canada. She was completely at home playing with his 3 dogs all afternoon and definitely held her own as far as roough-housing was concerned!

And here she is inside her carrier in the lounge at Vienna Airport on Monday morning. She was incredibly good on the 8 hour flight and seemed to like the security of the carrier better than being held on a lap. I was relieved that we had absolutely no problems bring her back to Albania. Not once were we asked for any kind of papers for her, not in Toronto at check-in, not in Vienna during transit, and for sure not when we arrived in Tirana. Whewwww! All that worry I did last week was for nothing.


oreneta said...

It WILL NOT be that way to take her INTO Canada....start out about 6 months in advance, I'm not kidding. Whew. Chuck has more papers and passports than we do.

oreneta said...

Glad the flight went well....it is stressful flying with an animal.

Peter said...

"All that worry I did last week was for nothing."

How many times do we say or think this? 95% of worrying is about things that will never be.

Ginnie said...

YAAAAAAAAY! So glad you were able to give us such a good report, Kim.