Monday, November 10, 2008

Ardenice Monastery, Albania

Oh I had a wonderful day!

Who knew that the middle of November could still be so incredibly warm, sunny, and calm?

We started out just after 8 AM this morning for the monastery of Ardenice and the ancient city of Apollonia. Both were in their autumn glory, basking in golden sunlight and long shadows. Even at midday any photos we took were still shockingly beautiful.

Ardenice is an old Orthodox monastery which was saved from destruction during the times of totalitarianism. 4 monks still live and work there but they were away at the seminary today so we didn't get to see them. The site has been 'reclaimed' in recent years and is being well maintained and lovingly restored after being used for everything from a restaurant to a small hotel.


CWest said...

oh man these are great pictures, maybe I should have reconsidered my decision to stay here in Tirana...

Cairo Typ0 said...

As soon as i saw that second photo my first thought was, "I'd love to have my wedding photo taken there!"