Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Life Update

Since I've had several emails and comments asking about our upcoming move, I thought I'd better clarify the situation. The Big P and I are NOT moving. We're staying in Tirana and have no plans to leave in the near future. However, we do own a home in Canada and it has been sold. I am in Canada assisting my parents with moving since they are the caretakers of our home. We've all thought a lot about where my mom and dad should live and we decided to move them back to Ontario where we grew up. That way they'll be closer to my brother and his family, as well as my two kids, and lots of other extended family members. Moving at any age is stressful, but in your 70's it is particularly disfficult, even though they are looking forward to a change in lifestyle. In Toronto we'll look at various retirement living options as well as some beautiful condos with lots of fun amenities.

On Friday the moving company will load up the truck and then mom, dad, and I will take a 4 day road trip together through a few New England states, reliving some old and very special memories of trips we made many years ago.

I'll let you all know when we arrive next week!


Rositta said...

Even though my Mom wanted to live with us, it was stressful for her when it happened. I understand how your parents are feeling. Enjoy your road trip and store lots of good memories, sorry about the's still raining...ciao

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the move. I find moving house always to be a hectic occasion, but once it over there is a nice and pleasant calmness that lingers for a day or two before you start unpacking, and when that begins life just continues as it was.

Ginnie said...

You are right about the stress of moving, Kim, but I'm guessing there's lots of excitement, too. Bittersweet! I wish the best for you all.