Sunday, May 25, 2008

Weekend in Paradise

We spent the weekend high in the mountains of Llogorra, not too far from the Adriatic Sea in the south of Albania. It was spectacular!

We spent it with a few other guests...

Snow White and her Seven Dwarves...

The Pied Piper... I tried explaining this story to some Albanians and for the life of me I couldn't remember the moral of the story! Can you?

And Bambi... isn't he beautiful?


Ms Mac said...

I think the moral of the Pied Piper is that you should pay your bills or your tradesmen will take your kids away!

oreneta said...

I agree with Ms Mac, that is what I thought it was too, kind of a strange story that one...maybe there is something deeper, but I haven't thought of it yet.

liburne said...

Oh, good for you. I love Llogara. I always go to there but have never spotted a wild goat or a bambi. You were so lucky!
I have heard wolves at night, and seen them by a stream in a village south of Llogara though. Not so lucky again.
Another thing I absolutely love about Llogara is the traditional thick, natural, nutritious, organic, sheep yoghurt. It's so thick there are slices of buttery cream in it. mmmmm
Did you have a chance to try it? I order it whenever I go there and eat it with warm bread. 50 lek/1 large bowl in any of the restaurants up there. A good deal for a traditional snack.
Then I love the cold uncontaminated source water from the mountains. There are a few "cezme"s along the national road.
Tirana's level of pollution is 50 times above the European norm, so holidays in Llogara where the mountain air is fresh are healthy.
I escape from Tirana whenever I can.

R. Duckie said...

Isn't that where they get the expression "pay the piper?"