Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday's Random Links

Thanks to Notebookism for the heads-up to a very interesting article on how psychotherapy and journaling work well together. It's good to know that there is a psychological benefit to all the hours some of us spend on Blogger (*smirk*).

Photogamer looks like fun for those of us who always have a camera with us. Once a week the administrator posts a word which becomes the photo subject for the week. Then everyone adds their interpretation of the subject to the pool on Flickr.

I just discovered Editrix and already I'm so much smarter than I used to be- haha! Did you know that the mentally ill are startng to organise themselves into a force to be reckoned with and are calling themselves a very clever name? Yes indeed, they have named the movement "Mad Pride". Perfectly fitting, don't you agree? They held a Mad Tea Party and even a Bonkersfest! For more on the idea here's the link to the article over at The New York Times.

Thanks to Design Your Life for the link to a wonderful site called Hearth. Those of us above a certain age may remember a class in Middle School called "Home Economics". The mere mention of the name sends a ripple of fear down my spine as I relive the moments when my ogre of a teacher yelled at me for pouring a dribble of milk out of my measuring cup down the sink, or her harrowing inspection my ability to sew a straight seam in a skirt. But I also have fond memories of learning to make perfect Bacon Cheese Melts and Milk Shakes. It's also where I developed my love for collecting recipes and cookbooks. Hearth is a Home Ec lover's dream. There are over 950 complete books related to the subject on-line! Everything from Applied Arts to Teaching Home Economics. It's quite wonderful!

Alright- now go check them out!

PS If you happen to have one of those annoying music widgets on your blog I might- just might- add you to my Google Reader so that I can still keep up to date on you without having to listen to your music!

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