Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Killer Queen!

Woo hoooo... two minutes before midnight and I finally get to blog. It'll be short and sweet (again) but I've had a lovely hot day here in Vienna. We shopped a bit, bought shoes and books, made appointments for manicures/pedicures and hair for Friday's big party, enjoyed a delicious lunch out on a terrace, and then went to see We Will Rock You! That was fabulous and the cast got 5 ovations! I saw Queen with Freddy Mercury in concert many, many years ago and the show tonight brought back memories. What a great band they were- their music will never go stale. The ladies and I kept on singing all the way home. Now I can't wait to put Queen on my iPod and sing it out loud.

Tomorrow we have a busy program including a visit to the new King Tut exhibit and a city tour. I better get to bed because morning comes too soon. Night night XX


., said...

blogu im eshte ky: revista letrare Admet
shpresij te kenaqeni!

oreneta said...

You sound like you're having a good time, say Hola to Tut for me, m'kay...I have a small favour to ask, if you know any weather poems in any language other than English (or Catalan), if you get the chance, could you send them over, or post them in my comments? Eldest needs to bring them in for homework, along with a translation of what they mean...we're looking for as many as we can find, and I thought I would ask you too. Thanks a lot,