Monday, May 05, 2008

The Battle

Imagine this...

You are driving the right way down a one-way street.
The street is narrow.
Following behind you are 4 or 5 cars.
Suddenly in front of you appears a huge SUV, a Hummer in fact.
Driving towards you in all its golden glory.

What do you do?
It's impossible to back up- impossible to go forward.
The Hummer of course, is in the wrong and could back up with no problem.
But he doesn't want to.

Head to head, you stand still. And wait. And wait.
You realise he's not about to move.
What to do?

A decision is made. You get out of your car and ask him to get out of the way.
He yells something you don't understand, for this duel is being conducted in two different languages.
You reach back into your car for your mobile phone. Who to call?
Hummerman obviously doesn't like your idea and rushes to your side, grabs your phone and throws it hard into a concrete wall.
Then he makes a move on you- grabbing your shirt and waving his fist in the air.

Somehow you escape his grasp and jump into your car, shaken up, but unharmed.
He manoevers- you give an inch, and in the end you're both on your way.

Who won?


Lynda said...

Oh that was a scary read... hope it wasn't you that was grabbed by the shirt.

G in Berlin said...

Wll, when you call the police and report the assault and the felony destruction of your phone justice will have won.

Ms Mac said...

Oof, Kim! If you escaped unscathed, then I'd say you won but I imagine you'd need a very stiff drink!

Rositta said...

With what's happening in T-Dot these days it's not something I would consider. I could get you killed...if it was you, you were lucky or you live in a safer place...ciao

LarryR said...


was this you, or P? P is very imposing physically, and I have a hard time imagining anyone grabbing him by the shirt. If it was you, I'm so sorry for your upset. You are far too sweet to have anythign like this happen to you.

Warmest regards,


Laura'sblog said...

your scenerio was worse than mine... I was on a 2 lane road in the Block area and a car (in a lane HE decided should be added) cut me off at the light and banged into my driver's side mirror (scratched it, I might add) and HE shook his fist at ME... like it was my fault!!!
T. driving is getting insane and I wouldn't dare get out of the car. I carry a suduko book, bottled water and a snack. I think I would be pretty stubborn and wait it out. (of course, who really knows? it
I hope you are alright, ...

Miss Kim said...

Ohhh no no no it wasn't me nor Peter involved in this incident! But it was a very dear friend and colleague of ours. And after discussing it with others here in Tirana it seems this is not the first time this idiot has intimidated other drivers. Unfortunately in a country such as this, where there is very little fear of the Law, pursueing the matter further would most likely only lead to more and perhaps more violent trouble. Sad but true, I'm afraid.

hockeyman said...

Look ---you need to understand... its a well known fact... men who drive hummers have short wee wee's and it makes them angry all the time..

it really takes all the joy out of winning a macho standoff

just smile like you half understand and half that you are laughing at them and the yelling and screaming won't bother you..

swenglishexpat said...

What a nightmare! What is one supposed to do? Bl***y cavemen!