Monday, April 28, 2008

Stari Bar, Montenegro

On our last day of our mini-vacation we decided to take some time exploring the beautiful ancient city of Stari Bar.
Stari Bar

There is the new city of Bar nearby, but a sidetrip off the main raod takes you to the walled fortress which was built in the 10th century. There are numerous churches from different periods of history inside the fortress, as well as a lovely Hamman (Turkish bath) and a gunpowder factory. Archeaological research has found ceramic remains from the 8th-6th c BC!!


At the base of the mountain before you arrive in the old city, there is a monument encircling the old olive tree of Mirovica, probably one of the oldest olive trees in Europe if not the entire world! The sign claims it is more then 2000 yrs old and is under state protection.


We were just about home in Tirana when we drove past this sight-- probably one of the oddest things we'd seen on our holiday! It's being built very close to the Mother Theresa International Airport here in Albania and I suppose it will be a Hotel/Bar/Cafe/Restaurant/Car Wash when it is done!


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