Monday, April 21, 2008

A Quick Visit to the Albertina, Vienna

Max Ernst II

My daughter B and I LOVED the way the Max Ernst exhibit was curated in the Albertina (Vienna). Wonderful colours for the backgrounds of a huge collection of B&W 'collages' which Ernst did to illustrate a series of books. This is an interesting space with wonderful curved ceilings and no natural light. It makes for quite an intense gallery experience.

Max Ernst in the Albertina

I didn't get any shots of the upstairs exhibit, but it was truly impressive! The entire Batliner Collection was donated to the gallery by Rita and Herbert Batliner and it encompasses an overwhelming number of impressionist pieces. This philanthropic couple lived with these important works in their home. That fact just gave me the goose bumps. Monet, Picasso, Renoir, Bacon and so much more- oh yes a beautiful painting from Chagall! They recently donated 500 pieces with an estimated value of over 500 MILLION Euros. The exhibit had been extended several times because of the great reception from the public. It's no wonder and I am so pleased to have caught it!

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